Safety and using instructions

Before starting our KessTech sound systems it is essential that you check the following information and instructions. It is not just a matter of the long service life of our products but more about the health of the user.

  1.  Never activate the Soundsystem on bends or on wet, slippery, moist or unpaved roads, because the torque converter can suddenly open and the rear wheel can slip away. 
  2. The rider’s safety depends on the correct installation of the complete KessTech sound system. For this reason, please have your KessTech sound systems maintained and serviced by authorised specialists only. Incorrect installation of a KessTech system can lead to injury.
  3. Work on an exhaust system (installing, dismantling), settling, maintenance or servicing should only be carried out when the engine and the system have cooled down fully. Working on or near the system can lead to serious burns.
  4. Never touch the KessTech adjuster shafts (torque converter shafts), servo/DC motors and adjusters (torque converters) when the motorcycle battery is still connected. If these systems open or close, your fingers, or even your hands, can be crushed, or you can suffer other injuries. If you want or have to touch these parts, or have to work on them, make sure that the motorcycle’s battery is disconnected and the system cannot move.
  5. Make sure that the servo/DC motor housings are not insulated from the air flow by accessories. This can lead to the servo/DC motors overheating and becoming permanently damaged. In this case, the warranty is void.
  6. Make sure that the exhaust pipes do not touch the frame or other parts of the motorcycle. Contact can transmit vibrations to the rider and cause distraction when driving. This can lead to accidents with injuries. If the servo/DC motor housings touch the frame or other parts of the motorcycle, they can be damaged by excessive vibration and in the end fail.
  7. After installation, wipe all fingerprints and stains from the exhaust system before starting the engine for the first time with the new exhaust. Oil, grease and the like will otherwise adhere to the chrome-plated or ceramic coated surface of the exhaust system and may leave permanent impressions or unattractive deformations when the system heats up. No guarantee is assumed for this type of “surface deformation”.
  8. After refitting the seat (after you have installed the KessTech electronic box, cables, plugs. etc.), for your own safety check that the seat is fixed firmly in the correct position. A loose seat can slide when you are riding, and this can lead to loss of control over the vehicle. This can lead to injuries.
  9. Clean the system after contact with corroding substances (e.g. salt water). In addition, if it has not been used for some time, treat it with a lubricant as well.
  10. Make sure your bike’s fuel-air mix is not too lean. A specialist should ensure the fuel-air ratio is in the correct range if you run the manually or electronically operated exhaust systems opened or activated. If the fuel-air mix is too lean, the engine may be damaged and may block without warning. This can lead to injuries. The fuel-air mix ratio may change. For example, through your riding style or because an OEM or non-OEM engine tuning part was installed (such as air filters, cam shaft, Big Bore kits, ignition systems, cylinder head work, etc.) or through an increased compression ratio. Basically, all work on the engine can affect the fuel-air mix ratio and before starting again you must check it again and change it where applicable in order to restore the correct fuel-air mix ratio! Furthermore there might be discolourations of the muffler.
  11. KessTech cannot be made liable in case of failure to comply with one, several or all the above-mentioned safety instructions.